Type: New construction
Status: Completed
Year: 2021-2023
Services: Architecture | Interior design | Lighting | Project management
Client: Private
Design Team: Aude Mazelin | Xara Karatzali 
Photos: Spyros Hound


Situated on the peak of Fera Gkremna in Mykonos, Pride Rock Villa presents itself as a meticulously crafted 4-bedroom summer residence. Its aspiration is to harmoniously blend the simplicity characteristic of Mediterranean living with the refinement of high-end finishes and engineering precision. Boasting a commanding amphitheatrical perspective spanning 270 degrees, the villa overlooks Kalo Livadi, Divounia, and Kalafati beaches, gradually revealing the distant islands of Ktapodi and Naxos.

Τhe villa aims to manifest modern architectural lines inspired by traditional elements, establishing a profound connection with nature and the imposing presence of water. The overarching mission is to create a residence that successfully reconciles artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies, crafting an environment that exudes both purity and modern comfort.

Guided by four fundamental principles, the project methodically aligns itself to capture principal views, optimizes daylight penetration and trajectory, provides protection against the northern winds, and ensures a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This approach is a deliberate endeavor to craft an architectural masterpiece that not only encapsulates the essence of its surroundings but also prioritizes functionality, aesthetics, and the client’s vision.

The conceptual design was intricately tied to an examination of the plot’s topography. The characteristics of the rocky terrain emerged as pivotal elements that not only influenced the design but also sculpted the fundamental axes and viewpoints. Careful consideration was given to the placement of outdoor seating areas, strategically positioned to provide protection against prevailing winds, ensuring an optimal environment for inhabitants to appreciate the breathtaking panoramic views. This thoughtful approach not only integrated the natural features of the landscape but also sought to harmonize the built environment with the surrounding elements, resulting in a design that seamlessly blends functionality with the inherent beauty of the site.

Pride Rock Villa