Aegean Aesthetics

Bringing the Aegean aesthetic worldwide.
Being based in Mykonos over more than 20 years led Mykonos Architects Studio to a unique design language, organic and simple: Aegean aesthetic. The fusion of the beauty of simplicity with functionality, engineering precision and high-end finishes, following the client’s way of living his home, is the hallmark of a Mykonos Architects project.
Each project responds to the client’s specific lifestyle. The final goal is the client’s complete satisfaction. Respect for nature, a devotion to fine materials, an ability to discover subtle nuances and an instinct for balancing technology with craftsmanship are key parts of our design philosophy.
“Most of our clients are looking for the austerity and simplicity of the Cycladic architecture-aesthetics. Visiting the Cyclades, we all feel within ourselves this harmony of volumes and materials, without necessarily understanding it. After all, art was born here. Our purpose is to make our Clients feel this harmony again in our projects.”

Aude Mazelin



A creative multidisciplinary team of professionals, passionate for perfection and absolute client satisfaction.

Aude Mazelin
Founder | Head Architect
MSc Architect ENSA

Xara Karatzali
Partner | Project Architect | Lighting Designer
Dipl. Architect NTUA

Konstantina Bakali
Partner | Project Architect | BIM Expert
MSc Architect NTUA

Polyxeni Takou
Interior Designer | Site Supervisor
BA Interior Architect UniWA

Maria Rousounelou
Interior Designer | FF&E Expert
MSc Interior Designer Vakalo | SPD IULM

Dimitra Alysandratou
Design Architect | Landscape Designer
MSc Architect TUC

Eleana Kremmyda
Design Architect
MSc Architect NTUA

Lina Ma. Lievano
Design Architect
MSc Architect UNAL

Logan Franco
Design Architect
MSc Architect UNAL

Doménica Loaiza
Junior Architect
Dipl. Architect USFQ

Nikolas Alysandratos
Junior Architect
MSc Architect TUC

Penny Georgiadou
Studio Manager Mykonos
Dipl. Public relations & Communication

Eleni Doanoglou
Studio Manager Athens
MBA | Dipl. Political Science and Public Administration UOA

Lefki Pantelopoulou
Public Administration Processor

Eleftheria Kouleli
Budget controller | Purchasing Coordinator