Type: New construction

Status: Completed
Year: 2015-2016
Services: Architecture | Supervision
Client: Private
Design Team: Aude Mazelin | Aurelie Mazelin
Photos: Andreas Bekas


Modernity and luxury combined harmoniously with the Cycladic architecture.

This project is a real masterpiece that reflects the typical architecture of the island with modernity and pioneering new methods of construction. This residence in Kalafatis stands out boldly from the surrounding landscape while simultaneously preserving a sense of Cycladic architecture. 

On the south side of the island of Mykonos, overlooking the sea and the island of Dragonisi, lies a ground floor house of 210 m2, which stands out from its absolutely square, simple and modern volumes. It is an interesting game of geometry between white plaster, stone walls and water.
The master plan consists of two Pi shapes – the building and the pool – which are embraced, creating the feeling that the house floats on the water.
The house is divided into two parts – the living rooms and the bedrooms – with the pool in the middle.
Opening the double wooden front door, we discover the water element where three blocks of concrete and granite float to lead externally to the bedrooms.
The living room is located on the south side of the house, with balcony doors around the pool. At the back of the living room, a large window is drawn and the living room opens to an atrium planted with cactus, creating an impressive “inside-out” space, where the pool now becomes part of the living room: a sheltered idyllic space in the heart of the house.
The kitchen is the eastern extension of the living room. Wood, granite and stainless steel, with floors and walls made of carbon micro-topic cement screed, and dark elements of furniture and lighting: this is the answer given to the attempt to marry modern and Mykonian.
The three en suite bedrooms are located in the northern part of the house, overlooking the sea. They all have direct access to the pool via an elongated balcony. Geometric white and charcoal surfaces separate the sleeping area and the open bathroom.
The master bedroom extends to the west side of the building, with a private outside terrace with pergola.
On the east side of the house is also the staff room.
The close relationship between the interior of the house and the exterior was an essential point of the study. The plot is relatively flat and allowed the creation of large terraces on the same level with the house. To the east, in extension with the kitchen, is the outdoor dining area, with a built-in BBQ. While on the west and south side, in extension with the living room, are the outdoor living room and the sun area.

Materials and references

Bulgarian beige marble flooring

Oak, brass and linen fabric furniture, designed by Mykonos Architects, manufactured by Rekkas Wood

Warm grey cement screed

Sanitary, by Hansgrohe

Frames, by Viekko Hellas

Fused colored glass artifacts, designed by Mykonos Architects

Pebbletec pool finish texture

The White Cube

Mykonos, Greece