Type: Renovation
Status: Completed
Year: 2022-2023
Services: Architecture | Interior design | Lighting | Project management
Client: Private
Design Team: Aude Mazelin | Vasiliki Ragia | Polyxeni Takou | Maria Rousounelou
Photos: Spyros Hound


Kyanos is a contemporary villa located in Fanari. Perched in the vicinity of the island’s lighthouse, Kyanos comprises 7 bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom, including a luxurious master bedroom. The villa also features a spacious living room and dining area that frame the stunning view, a cozy TV room, a well-equipped gym, a serene massage room, and an expansive outdoor area with a pool, bar, and a lounge-dining space. Numerous small lounges are scattered around the villa, ideal for intimate gatherings, and all designed to showcase the beauty and simplicity of Mykonian architecture and landscape.

The guiding principle behind this project was the seamless blend of traditional island living with contemporary architectural trends. The villa’s sharp, modern volumes harmoniously coexist within the natural landscape. The strategic placement of perimeter openings provides guests with views of the surrounding areas and romantic vistas, enhancing the sense of fluidity.

Materials such as stone, marble, metal, and wood dominate the villa’s aesthetics, while maintaining a natural and organic feel. Every detail has been meticulously designed to cater to the owner’s needs while adhering to a minimalist aesthetic.

In Greek, ‘Κυανός’ means ‘blue,’ and Kyanos is undoubtedly the place to bask in the glory of this stunning color. With its seamless fusion of traditional and modern elements, Kyanos stands as a testament to both Mykonos’ rich heritage and contemporary luxury.

Kyanos Villa

Mykonos, Greece