Type: New construction
Status: Completed
Year: 2010-2012
Services: Architecture | Supervision
Client: Private
Design Team: Aude Mazelin | Ilektra Takou
Photos: Andreas Bekas


When the Architecture folds in the Aegean
Infinite Blue Villa is situated in the south-west side of Mykonos in one of the most privileged areas in the island, namely Pouli. It has a spectacular view of the endless Aegean blue along with the ancient island of Delos and Rhenia and the magical colours of the sunset.

The concept was to create a luxurious Mykonian style villa that would completely fold onto the deep blue of the Aegean Sea she was facing. The result is an impressive game of volumes between Cycladic style and modern lines, sublimated by a meticulous lighting study and materials choice.
The traditional Cycladic architecture mixed harmonically with the modern lines characterizes this villa. Minimalistic interior design, wooden details and unique artifacts compose a high standard accommodation.

Infinite Blue Villa

Mykonos, Greece