The Farmhouse

A total transformation of a traditional Mykonian house into a luxury villa!

A late 70’s mykonian house located in the middle of the island, with no view to the sea, was transformed into one of the spectacular villas of Mykonos.
Being in one of the most agricultural parts of Mykonos, Maou, the concept was easy to decide: create a Farmhouse, where the outdoor areas become the most important part of the design, with a lot of personality to “make the difference”. The result is a successful mix & match of different styles – mykonian, 70’s, farmhouse, bohemian & industrial – in complete harmony with the surroundings.
The Farmhouse is composed by 3 levels. In the eastern side are located the 3 guest apartments, separated from the rest of the house for privacy; they all have their own outdoor living room, connected to the eastern floral garden of the house. The main living areas and the 2 master bedrooms are situated in the west side.
Here, the outdoor areas are not simply the extension of the indoor areas: both have been designed as one entity. The main entrance is a stone gate with an impressive antique monasterial wooden door, opening towards a 6 meters height covered pergola. The original wooden balcony of the first floor has been maintained, looking into the entrance area, and making the visitor wonder what is in and what is out.
Around the two gigantic stone columns supporting the double height pergola are harmoniously placed all the living areas of the house: the indoor and the outdoor sitting area, the dining area, the indoor and the outdoor kitchen, the BBQ and the bar.
The continuous cement screed floors unify the indoor and outdoor areas and leads through a sequence of ample steps into the pool. A cactus and palms garden embraces the pool area, with the 19th century church and the olive tree garden as background.
The material and color palette consists of earth tone cement screed, copper taps, Cor-ten steel, distressed wooden planks, porcelain, steel and rattan lighting fixtures, stone hand-made sinks, all bathed in warm light.
The furniture and decorations have been attentively chosen to enhance the unique personality of the Farmhouse.

  • Oak solid wood flooring
  • Natural varnished chestnut ceilings
  • Sanitary, by Bagno y Bagno
  • Frames, by Kinoussis
  • Kitchen and cupboards, by Kitchen Gallery
  • Pool pebble coating, by Pebbletech

  • Type: New construction
  • Year: 2010 – 2012
  • Client: Private
  • Services: Project, Licensing, Works Supervision
  • Status: Completed
  • Area: Pouli, Mykonos, Greece
  • Size: -