Miglio d’Oro Park Hotel

Over two centuries of beauty

Miglio d’oro Park Hotel is the result of the refurbishment of Villa Aprile, one of the most charming of the Vesuvian Villas, in a prestigious 4 stars’ complex.  

The architectural history of Villa Aprile is rather interesting, it being an example of the typical whimsical style of the 18th Century, the distinguishing trit of which lies in its monumental grounds. Since the day it was built, on the desire of the Count of Imola and Forli, Gerolamo Riario Sforza, Villa Aprile has never ceased to enchant its visitors, also because in time it has been enriched with conflicting stylistic features which have merely added to its charm.  

Today, the elegance of this hotel, which is a “one off” in the range of tourist accommodation in the area around Mount Vesuvius, is the result of a thorough work to keep its original architectural style while combining it with modern and innovative solutions.  

Miglio d’oro Park Hotel 

4.355 m2 in an extensive 25.000 m2 grounds with century-old trees and lake, 109 beds, 3 restaurants, lounge bar, piano bar, playroom, conference center, SPA, swimming pool, outdoor theater 

  • 18th Century mosaic and sculpted wooden ceilings 

    Furniture, by Armani Home 

    Lighting, by Zumtobel 

    Sanitary, by Gessi 

  • Type: Renovation and reconversion 

    Status: Completed 

    Year: 2003-2005 
    Services: project (architecture + lighting + installations + interior design + furnishing)works supervision, antiques restauration supervision 
    Client: Gruppo Ferlaino