Anax Hotel 5* Resort & SPA

Agios Ioannis, Mykonos, Greece

The pristine beauty of a private oasis

Anax Resort is situated in Agios Iannis, a perfect Cycadic village in the west side of the island. With views towards the island of Delos and the sunset, the hotel showcases an unconventional “made in Greece “concept of luxury.

The main concept: to create a private oasis were the water element is constantly present. Here came the idea of an organic shape pool, naturally embracing the small beach laying above the resort, split in two by a long stair leading to the beach. Passing through the path surrounded by the two pools overflows, like two waterfalls, we suddenly discover the Jacuzzi, a rounded structure that overflows onto itself, creating under it an incredible space were we created the beach showers area.

Under the south pool, we created Anasa Spa, an incredible space that takes its natural light through small windows meticulously placed on the overflow of the pool, to let the sunset sunrays enter into the SPA. It creates, together with the falling water of the overflow, an impressive game of colors and sounds.

Off-white tones accompanied with deep blue colors and earthly hues are harmoniously married, combining Cycladic, organic and modern architecture. A white microcosm sculpted in stone and wood overlooking the vastness of The Aegean from the most beautiful balcony.
The project was a great challenge: the main buildings (reception and suites) concrete structure was already done, but none of the lower parts (restaurant, swimming pools, SPA) and outdoor areas, and the works as it had to be finished in 9 months.

Materials & References

  • Bulgarian beige marble flooring
  • Oak, brass and linen fabric furniture, designed by Mykonos Architects, manufactured by Rekkas
  • Warm grey cement screed
  • Sanitary, by Hansgrohe
  • Frames, by Viekko
  • Fused colored glass artifacts, designed by Mykonos Architects
  • Pebble pool coating
  • Location: Agios Ioannis, Mykonos, Greece
  • Type: New construction
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2015-2016
  • Size: -
  • Services: project (architecture + lighting + installations + interior design + furnishing), supervision
  • Client: Nissos Mykonos AE

Project Members


Interior Designer

TAKOU Ilektra

Interior Designer